Constantly Varied – refers to the variance in loads, movements, reps, volume and time-domain that you can expect to see day to day. This feature of the methodology contributes to CrossFit’s reputation of the “jack of all trades”. The workout of the day will look different from the day prior in order to improve your fitness across endurance, strength, stamina, etc.
Functional Movement – refers to movement patterns that are not necessarily found only in gym spaces, but are essential to living. For example, getting up out of a chair requires an air squat; picking up groceries from the floor, a deadlift; getting a five-gallon water jug onto a table, a clean; placing items on a high shelf, a shoulder press. Functional movements can be thought of as the building blocks of CrossFit-style workouts.
High Intensity – Without getting too scientific, the faster the work is completed, the more intense the effort. Moving with intensity will allow you to get stronger and move faster at an accelerated rate. Intensity is contextual and will look different from athlete to athlete based on their physical abilities.

Our classes are geared for ALL ABILITIES