meet our team

All of our CrossFit trainers are CrossFit Level 2 Certificate holders (or soon to be!) and both owners are Certified CrossFit Trainers (CF-L3) and Seminar Staff Trainers for CrossFit Home Office. Our trainers embody the CrossFit ethos and know what it takes to dedicate a life to fitness. They realize that not everyone takes the same journey, as they themselves come from different backgrounds, and are ready to lead you on your own path towards health.

Reza Mashkoori

Co-Owner, Coach

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
CrossFit Seminar Staff – Kids, L1

Reza has been doing CrossFit since November 2011. Reza stepped foot inside a local box with no formal knowledge of the sport and was offered a job shadowing a coach. Reza’s career started with a passion for working with kids as an employee of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. He hopes to bring CrossFit to athletes of all ages to help them live their best life.

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Paul Tremblay

Co-Owner, Coach

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
CrossFit Country Manager - Canada & Eastern America
CrossFit Seminar Staff - L1, L2

Paul is a member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff and has been doing CrossFit since October 2011. He quickly established himself in the CrossFit community by making it to the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games with his affiliate. Paul continues to compete and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

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Rob Horne

Rob stumbled on CrossFit in 2017 while in his undergraduate degree, unifying his passions for endurance triathlon training, traditional strength training, and community. He loves to compete in the sport and hopes to coach other athletes to reach their full potential. Outside of the box, he works for the Ottawa Heart Institute and hopes to continue his education in the medical sciences field.

Ralitza Koterlitzova

Aerobic Capacity Course CrossFit Level 2 Certificate CrossFit Level 1 Certificate CrossFit Kids Trainer

Ralitza began CrossFit in 2013 after recovering from ACL surgery. Coming from endurance running and playing soccer, she didn’t know the difference between a dumbbell and a barbell and could only dream to do a pull-up one day. Her humble beginnings make it easy for her to relate to other beginners, and she believes that anyone, at any age, can start CrossFit to improve their health and overall fitness. Ralitza has eight years of coaching experience, and has recently found a new found passion for coaching sports teams and kids!

Connor Haberl

Connor started Crossfit in 2010 at age 16, joining his dad at the 7am class every morning before high school. He was immediately hooked and by 2013 was coaching at a crossfit gym while doing his undergrad in engineering physics at UBC. Connor now works in cardiovascular research at the Ottawa Heart Institute but still applies his passion for health through his coaching at training at crossfit too. He loves to apply his own fitness outside the gym too - you can find Connor in his spare time playing spikeball at Mooney's Bay, cross-country skiing in Gatineau, or on a canoe trip in Algonquin

Kevin Lam

Certified CrossFit L1 Trainer – 2014 and 2019 Nutrition L1 (in progress) Registered Holistic Nutritionist Bachelor of Resource Management CrossFit Level 2

Kevin began CrossFit in 2008 through his high school gym teacher and online forums and never looked back. In 2015, he began coaching CrossFit while becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and has shared his passion for food, health and fitness ever since. Outside of the gym, you can find Kevin swapping recipes, repairing outdoor gear and hiking with his dog Mushu.

Meredith Darrah

Certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certified CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Meredith has been doing CrossFit since 2012. Her very first workout was Karen and she was instantly hooked. With over 20 years as a first responder she finds the constantly varied, functional movement at a high intensity methodology perfect for first responders and shift workers who struggle to find the time to get a good workout in. She coached part time in a CrossFIt gym and full time in a tactical strength and conditioning environment prior to coming to Ottawa. She loves the CrossFit community. Helping people realize their potential and meet their goals is the best thing about coaching.