what we offer

We at CrossFit NCR welcome everyone, regardless of ability. Here, it’s all about working at your own level and scaling appropriately. Whether you are a gym junkie or a newbie, we want you! Get ready to have fun and get fit. Join our community today!

CrossFit Class

The CrossFit Class is our flagship offering. In this class you will experience constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity and get the most out of your fitness. All adult age groups and ability levels are welcome.

This class is open to athletes with a Limited or Unlimited CrossFit Membership.

Open Gym Class

Open gym slots are unstructured time blocks for members to get in extra work. Members are free to use equipment as needed and are responsible for returning equipment to its original spot. Members in attendance at these times are under staff supervision. We encourage athletes to use open gym time as a supplement, rather than replacement, to our CrossFit classes.

This class is open to athletes with an Unlimited CrossFit Membership.